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As a real estate agent, my top priority is to take your wishlist for a new property you want, make sure that everything on the checklist is there and that you will move into your dream home at the end of the day! I’ve been fond of visiting different properties and locations since my dad, who was a real estate agent too, took me for his work trips… With all that in mind, be sure that I will know of every best piece of property located anywhere on the US map!

When I was moving from Chicago to California, I was afraid that my shoestring budget will bar me from a good home… But thanks to EmiliaWarren, I fit it in!


Renting my first apartment in Chicago was not an easy feat… I’m thankful to all the agents who were so patient with my captiousness.

Marketing manager

Perspectives of finding a cheap and beautiful home near Santa Monica looked bleak… But thanks to Elisa, my real estate agent, it became a reality!


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