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Just like true Italians, we give our food everything we’ve got!
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Welcome to Vincenzo!

Italian to the Bone

Founded by 1st generation of immigrants from Sicily, this Italian restaurant has quickly become a local area staple. With an amazing range of Italian dishes of both classic and modern traditions, starting with pizzas and pastas and all the way to celuccio and annianto, our menu stands out!

Our pizza of the day

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Salmone e pesto di noci
Tomatoes, bacon, onion
Tomatoes, mozzarella, oregano
Tonno al carciofi
Tomatoes, mozzarella, oregano

Modern & Classic Dishes

traditional dishes 

When we’ve been composing the menu for our restaurant, we’ve decided to put an emphasis on a balanced combination of old and new.So, we’re combining some traditional Italian dishes with some experimental recipes.

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 Address: Alexandria, 32 Washingtorn str, 22303

Phones: (555)123-4567

We are open: Mo-Fr 11:00-00:00, Sa-Su 15:00-00:00

Alexandria, 32 Washingtorn str, 22303

Opening hours: Mo-Fr 11:00-00:00,
Sa-Sa 15:00-00:00