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Be it a Flight to Boston, San Francisco or Dubai – It Will be Enjoyable!

After Flying Domestic and International Skies for Decades, We Know We are the Best! Whatever the Destination You Wanna Get to, Either of Our Private Jets Will Fly You There!

Now We Fly to Hawaii & Fiji!

Now We Fly to Hawaii & Fiji!

Considering most of our planes flew limited-distance destinations,this is some big news! Visit the Pacific isles with our help!

Reasons to Fly With Us!

If You’re Used to Flying in Style and Enjoying the Amenities While in Transition in the Sky, Here are Some Pros to Choose us:

99 planes

From Global & HFY to de Havillands…

200 Countries

From France to Peru to Ukraine to Hawaii..


All of our private planes are equipped and packed.

100 Pilots

All of them pass harsh proficiency tests monthly…

Discount Club

As soon as you spend $200000, you get a 1% off!

Pets & Kids

Bring your dog, cat or a child onboard!






As a movie star, I very often fly from a set to award shows. Can you imagine me doing so on a regular flight?

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Being a millionaire has its cons. It obliges me to spend tons of money on private flights.

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As soon as I won the lottery, I’ve immediately signed off regular flights and started flying.

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Special Promo for 1st Timers!

Special Promo for 1st Timers!

Do you feel like trying either of out flights for the first time?Hopefully our 20% off will help you make the decision!