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About me

I am a photographer who loves non-standard locations, unique people and sunlight! I specialize in studio photography, but I with no doubts like challenges!

I was born in New York and all since my childhood I liked watching people in the streets, noticing their features and eyes.

I like experiments, and new locations. My last passion is black and white photography - stylish and unique.


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Tom Hansen

It’s such a pleasure to work with Projector Studio! I worked with Ian – he has his own unique vision and he is always full of energy and ideas. I was recommended to visit his studio and participate in one of Ian’s photo sessions. I loved his portraits as they full of love and beauty!

Mary Hansen

I worked with Ian. He is a talented photographer! I saw Ian’s photos at the exhibitions at New York City Studio. His photos caught my eye with professional composition, great sense of light and beautiful people on her photos. I came to Projector Studio for my wedding photo session and I’m happy!

Jerry Hansen

I thank the whole Projector team for our lovely wedding photo session! It was an amazing day and your photos totally represent that atmosphere! We also ordered video service. Our next photo session with our baby will definitely be with you. I will recommend your services to my friends!