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Post With Video

The only time that truly exists is now. The past is behind you, the future is far ahead and you can only live in the moment. That is not just a line, it’s also the truth.

12 Reasons to Be Happy Right Now

Happiness is something that can’t be touched, viewed, seen or left for tomorrow – it is only a moment, one split second. We often don’t value or notice such moments. They have become ordinary for most of people. Let’s see these moments, let’s feel happiness, let’s love people who make us happy!

You’re alive. Let’s start with the basics – you’re alive and that’s pretty damn amazing.EMMA DOE, Model

Every day is an opportunity to change your life. The past is the past and it’s never too late to completely start over. Unhappy with your career? Set aside an hour today to figure out what you’d rather be doing and then take steps every day toward that goal. Unhappy with your partner? Have an honest conversation and figure out if your relationship is worth saving.

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