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Catering Service

If you are planning a party or a business meeting, we can offer you our service. We will make amazing coffee of any sorts, and fresh and fragrant bakery to provide you with lovely ambience.

Aromacafe is a coffeehouse where you can try over 100 sorts of coffee from all over the world. We purchase top-notch arabica and robusta beans and ground them right before making a beverage. Our coffeehouse was established in 2006 as a small coffee point in the mall. Soon we expanded our business and opened our first coffeehouse in Glasgow. We improved our menu, added several special recipes and started ad campaign in social media. Aromacafe became a favourite place among students from Glasgow State University because of its friendly atmosphere and tasty desserts. Some years later we opened new coffeehouses in other locations and started our website representing us and telling more about us. Aromacafe is now popular place where everyone can find his own sort of coffee, spice it up and have a great time just chatting over a cup of coffee.

in Aromacafe you can select and purchase your favourite sort of coffee from proven suppliers we work with. You can…
If you are planning a party or a business meeting, we can offer you our service. We will make amazing…
We regularly organize open master-classes where you can learn a lot about making coffee and be good at coffee beans…
Our chef and baker will teach you how to make delicious bakery which is perfectly coupled with black coffee or…

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Morning Coffee Set

Caffe Americano
Butter Croissant
Classic Coffee Cake

Sweet Coffee Set

Caramel Macchiato
Iced Vanilla Latte
Double Chocolate Brownie

Coffee Break Set

Golden Cappuccino
Blueberry Muffin
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