Why Teen Boys Are More Obnoxious With New Clothes Than Girls?


Underwear and Socks

The more underwear and socks boys have, the less often their parents will have to do laundry. The size of boys’ socks will correspond to their respective shoe size, and socks may be sized in small, medium, and large, with the “large” size corresponding to sizes 3 through 9 in boys’ shoes. Even more important than buying the right pair of socks is purchasing properly fitting underwear. If underwear is too large, it will bunch up in the back, and pants may not fit well over them. The size of boys’ underwear corresponds with their pant size, and most younger boys prefer to wear briefs, as they stay in place better while running and playing sports. As boys get older, they may prefer to wear boxers. Sizing for boys’ boxers is normally considered to be small, medium, or large; check how sizes are grouped according to each manufacturer.

Children’s feet grow in spurts, which can make buying boys ’ shoes particularly challenging. Keep in mind that sizing for boys’ shoes is different from clothing sizes. If a boy is sized 4 in clothes, he may be a size 10 in shoes. Having boys’ feet measured at a shoe store will help ensure that parents purchase the correct-sized shoes, especially if they are buying shoes online. Most adults would rather go barefoot than wear shoes that are either too small or too big, and boys are even more willing to kick off their shoes in public. Most boys will require at least one or two spare pairs of sneakers, a pair of dress shoes, such as brown leather shoes, a pair of rain boots, a pair of winter boots, and a pair of shoes to wear in summer, such as sandals. Just make sure the sandals have back straps so they will stay on young boys’ feet.

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