Meet the People, Who Serve and Protect!

By now our company has been an industry leader for more than 20 years…

This means that people who are working for us are our biggest asset as of now, with more than 200 staff members and hundreds of subcontractors.

This also means that while our crew size is big, it’s never truly big enough – and as we constantly are on a quest to expand our number of clients, we also need to enlarge our team as well…

Below you’ll be able to find a list of vacancies that are opened as of this moment.

Open Positions

DDM Firearms Instructor - (DDMFI)

DDM Firearms Instructor - (DDMFI)

Full Time

– Supervises DDM weapon professional usage training abroad and all other weapons requalification as required.

– Plans and curates weapons requalification training

– Is responsible for all the  equipment, weapons, ammunition, and other materials are easily available for training

– Conducts requalificational…

Protective Security Specialist

Protective Security Specialist

Full Time

a. Carrying out daily routine protective security duties as specified in daily post and detail orders.

b. Driving the main vehicle (auto, boat etc.), executive’s vehicle, or follow-vehicle, whenever required in motorcade or similar circumstances.

c. Driving follow-vehicle and/or acting as response agent.

Mobile Security Team Leader - (ISD.6.15)

Mobile Security Team Leader - (ISD.6.15)

Full Time

We’re looking for a person to be in charge of supervising other agents in all necessary mobile security requirements, as well as performing these duties if required.

This team leader will additionally be in charge of assigning and coordinating all positions within the security element and is responsible for advancing…

Guard Site Supervisor Level II

Guard Site Supervisor Level II

Full Time

Job Title Guard Site Supervisor Level II:

Location UNDISCLOSED, AF (Primary)

Employment Type Intermittent

Education High School or Equivalent

Category Security

Why We’re Your One-Stop Security Provider

Services Range

With our services range spanning from providing transportation & logistics security to protecting households and guarding offices, we can cover all your security needs!

Cyber security

We’ve been one of the first
full-cycle security agencies in
the US that took the cyber
security sector seriously from
the very start. Now we offer
private and commercial cyber

fair pricing

Even though the feeling of
being safe and secure is
invaluable, when it comes to
putting a price tag on it – we
always make sense. This
means that our prices are

Skilled crew

After serving in miscellaneous
environments for many years,
each member of our security
agency team is capable of
dealing with most of the
threats you or your biz might

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