Maritime Security

Maritime Security

Just as it goes with our transportation industry security & protection solutions, when it comes to maritime trade and cargo freight we are ready to dispatch our…
In decades of our experience within the security & protection industry, we’ve learned how to handle the utmost sensitive areas of work, such as the polygraph testing is.
Rest assured, that our team of experts is both extensively trained and practically tested in anything when it comes to applying the Forensic Psychophysiology, having graduated from the best colleges in the world.
We offer investigators with backgrounds in Murder and Robbery, Organized crime, Office for Serious Economic Crime, Public Prosecutors and IRS, who all can easily be considered as expert witnesses with a wide field of expertise in criminal, financial and corporate investigations.
This unit can deploy basically anywhere in the world or anywhere in the US for your needs if the jurisdiction there is associated with the American Polygraph Association which allows them to work there legally.




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Boris JohnsonJune 10, 2016

The neighborhood that I and my family have recently bought a mansion in has seen drastic crime rates spike in the last 4 years. Concerned about the safety of our high school aged children, we were quick to hire a company that specializes in eliminating risks!

Theresa MayJune 14, 2016

When my company transports our goods across the ocean, we want to be sure that there are no security risks to lose it. Considering all the years that this particular agency has spent in safeguarding the maritime trade for businesses, we’ve put our full confidence into their expertise!

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