Avoiding an Office Robbery

Do you know how many crimes are committed each year in the US against the commercial entities? If your first thought was 9 million (!) per year, then you’ve guessed (or knew) it. This kind of stats tells us about just how vulnerable any small, medium or even big business can be to the crime. So, as one of the security industry leaders, our agency’s staff decided to write a list of…


Industrial Security: Avoiding Metal Thefts

The manufacturing sector of our economy accounts for hundreds of thousands of factory plants and small workshops, all of which are prone to one and same threat – a theft. This fact gets more likely, the more metal and other precious materials for the production is being used (and hence, stored) at the site. It may sound surprising to anyone, but just last year the rate for the metal theft rose…


Out-of-hours stores: Security Guidelines

Anyone who’ve ever worked during the wee small hours of the morning at a retail store – the sense of security and the threat of either theft attempt or an assault are front and center. The night time is still the crime’s favorite timing. This means that any person owning a store that’s operating on an out-of-hours basis need to get concerned with its ultimate security. Also, the location…


Choosing the Most Efficient Alarm

When it comes to security, one of the most robust firewalls that might save your household or your commercial location (like an office or a store) from a potential robbery is the alarm. But with such a diversity of offers on the market, how od you know what to focus your attention on when choosing? our security agency’s staff, who’ve worked with miscellaneous alarm systems…


Open and Close Service

This kind of a service may come in handy for you and your business, if for example, some of your staff members either come into office very early on (like the cleaning workers do, e.g.) or work long shifts that span well into the night time… We strongly advise business owners who see this as a familiar routine for their workers, that instead of handing the keys to office to employees…

Avoiding the Public WiFi

Yes, this kind of issue is a real threat, more specifically a cyber threat to your particular business, whatever the industry or niche of it is. This means, that besides forbidding your employees and managers to use the public WiFi for commercial and personal needs, a business owner would also be wise to prohibit any open public WiFi access for office’s guests.