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What apps can it run?

 Though in a majority of situations a smartwatch runs intact with your smartphone, they still have app stores which enable you to add to the default features of the watch – just like a smartphone.

Apple’s the leader here and it currently has over 8,500 compatible apps in its store at the last count (you can expect this number to adjust considerably over time).

What’s more, as its apps can be merely extensions of iPhone apps, it’s easy for developers to make them converted – and they’re doing so in droves. Now that watchOS 2 has added support for native apps we will get quality apps, not just quantity apps from the App Store.

Samsung’s Tizen is also showing good numbers with its Tizen OS, and there are over one thousand apps as of now.


The Pebble watches have a decent array of apps made by their loyal fans and enthusiastic developers who backed their effort well since the Kickstarter campaign kicked off the whole smartwatch frenzy thing… But those usually lack the quality of the Apple selection.  There’s just a smattering which takes advantage of the Time’s color e-paper screen or Timeline functionality. The same way, Android Wear also has a up-and-coming store, but like the early days of Android smartphones, it still lacks new solutions and ideas, just as well as competitive quality over a year after Wear’s launch.

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  • When there’s an issue, the community are active so it helps determine if the fault is on your end or theirs. 24/7 helpdesk is also available. I Love it!

  • This is a great online store. Their product line up is extensive, and very competitive in pricing, with very generous data quotas.

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