This parent control smart button is awesome

This parent control smart button is awesome

Android Wear watches, which is surely surmising from their name – have for a long time only been built to work with Android phones An additional restriction was that the phone should have run an Android OS version 4.3 or newer… Google has added iPhone compatibility to the OS, which should mean most future Android Wear devices are iOS-friendly as well, but not vice-versa.Even more than that, many devices are being designed towards certain types of people, which means that while there’s likely to be a perfect candidate for your needs, there are also going to be a real variety of choice.
Here we’ll give you the definitive countdown of the main things you need to focus at when spending your cash on a smart watch purchase.

Long story short, most of the smartwatches on the market are specifically designed to be just an accompanying accessory to a connected mobile phone.

Which limits your current choice of handset and is going to have a big weight in which watches you can pick from (or vice versa).

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